9 Song Mashups to Usher in Your Weekend

Spins Like Teen Spirit

Nirvana & Dead or Alive

Stayin’ Alive in the Wall

Pink Floyd & The Bee Gees

Stayin’ in Black

The Bee Gees & AC/DC

Let it Be Me

Shaggy & The Beatles

Whole Lotta Sex Machine

James Brown & Led Zeppelin with a smidge of Aerosmith & RunDMC

Sad But Superstitious

Stevie Wonder & Metallica

A Hard Girls’ Night

The Beatles & Motley Crue

I Love to Come Together on the Membrane

The Beatles, Joan Jett, Cypress Hill & RATM

That’s Not My Sharona, Mickey

The Ting Tings, The Knack & Toni Basil

3D Printed Earrings

I thought I’d try my luck at making some costume jewelry (at least for my daughters, if not my wife as well). I still may use a metal printing service like Shapeways for nicer jewelry for my wife, but the homemade 3D printed jewelry has the kid-advantage of being cheap, very light, and a fun project for them.

For these earrings, I grabbed the model from Thingiverse, printed them with black ABS filament, and then used silver nail polish to finish them off.

3D Printed Earrings

Speeding Up Slic3r

I’m fairly new to 3D printing, but one of the first things I noticed was how slow Slic3r can be when generating gcode files to print. After some quick Googling it seems as though Slic3r grew in popularity back when it was faster but has since slowed down with each subsequent release. There’s no doubt that people are posting and printing more complex and higher resolution models which I’m sure adds to this.

Fortunately, the “fix” is really easy. I say “fix” in quotes because it is more of a workaround and with most things there is a tradeoff. The magic happens in the Print Settings tab in Slic3r. Simply uncheck the “Avoid crossing perimeters” setting and you’ll notice a vast performance improvement!

Slic3r crossing settings

So what is this setting and what is the tradeoff? From the Slic3r docs:

Will force the nozzle to follow perimeters as much as possible to minimise the number of times it must cross them when moving around, and between, islands. This has a negative impact on both G-code generation and print times.

Slic3r manual

Basically, this feature tries to make sure that when moving around the print area, the extruder never (as much as possible) crosses over the perimiter of an object and instead mvoes around it. This keeps an potentially oozing extruder from leaking extra plastic onto the clean outer shells of your object. When it is absolutely necessary to cross over a perimeter it tries to do so at a vertex instead of a flat surface to minimize any noticable artifacts.

So far I have not noticed any major issues from turning this setting off. Occassionally I will see a few extra nibs or bumps on my flat surfaces but it’s nothing that I can’t sand off - something I do to make the surfaces look nicer on my prints anyway.

Creating Weekday-only iOS Reminders

Here’s a quick tip; have you ever wanted to create a daily, but weekday-only, repeating task in iOS Reminders? The UI is rather limited but the functionality does exist.

Siri to the rescue!

Simply tell Siri something like:

Remember to pack a lunch on weekdays

Siri will offer to create the reminder for you and it will have a custom repeat setting. Once created you wont be able to view/edit the repeat settings in Reminders, but thats not a huge deal since it’s simple enough to ask Siri to create you a new one!

Bacon-Apple-Cheddar Burgers

Because recipes are yet another form of data and good food makes the fleshy part of our being very happy, here’s a rough recipe I made up that I loosely follow when we need something easy-yet-special on the grill.


  • 1 medium apple, chopped to 1/4-inch cubes
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 small onion - chopped
  • 1 egg
  • 5 slices bacon, chopped
  • 3/4 cup shredded cheddar, the sharper the better
  • parsley


The directions are wicked-easy: thoroughly mix all the indredients, and make into burger patties. I find that making the burgers concave (as opposed to perfectly level) helps make them come out normal on the grill instead of turning into convex UFOs.

Grill and enjoy!

Most of the time I’ll eat them as-is with no extra condiments. If you must have something extra, I find that a nice honey mustard compliments the apples well.